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YEYIAN may cancel or restrict an account in which an inappropriate use of our platform is detected, and/or of the services offered on it, understanding the following cases as misuse, including but not limited to:

  • Use automated or similar tools or mechanisms in order to extract, collect and obtain any information contained on the site.
  • Attempting to modify or alter the formats of the website tools as well as its contents.
  • Use of HTML codes for a third party.
  • Copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, download or display any content from the site, by any means, whether digital or printed.
  • Access with an account where the user is not authorized.
  • Fake any content on the platform.
  • Carry out activities outside the law, including falsification of identity or forms of payment, among others.

All registration information on the platform as well as billing must be true and accurate, otherwise these Terms and Conditions will be rendered ineffective, leaving the user the responsibility of issuing and correcting them.

By confirming your purchase and completing the payment process, the user accepts the conditions of sale as well as the billing information.

Information on prices, products and services

The information of all the products within our platform is attached and according to their characteristics, however, if the product or service has any characteristics different from the one presented on our platform, compliance with our Privacy Policies may be carried out. Returns within which you must comply with:

  • Original packaging
  • Original accessories
  • Within the term, among others

All the images presented on our platform are illustrative and are published for indicative purposes, there may be some variation in the tone presented between the article published on our platform and the physical product.

We recommend consulting the conditions and characteristics of purchase in each operation, before making the payment of your order, in order to make sure of the terms and conditions that apply specifically to each product, such as the guarantee.

Prices subject to change without notice.

All our promotions apply exclusively during the indicated validity.

All shipping costs generated, will be presented when placing and confirming the order, the cost may vary depending on the weight and volume of the product.

User Registration

We inform you that at the time of concluding your purchase (if you do not have a registration at yeyiangaming.com) you will automatically have your registration with all the benefits it represents, so you will receive an email with the confirmation of your order and another welcoming you to become a member of yeyiangaming.com

Note: To obtain your password, you just have to go to the "enter or create your account" section and click on "Forgot your password" and in three easy steps reset and save your new password, which you should not share for your safety


YEYIAN, as a distributor of the products it offers, adheres to the warranty policies of each manufacturer. For more details, review our Warranty Policies where you will find the specifications for each product line or brand, as well as any special considerations, all in compliance with the provisions and terms established in the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

Payment methods

See our payment method module for more details.

YEYIAN does not generate additional charges to your credit card for the use of it. All our sales products are reflected in national currency.

In the event that validation or authentication of payment receipt is NOT possible, the purchase process will stop and the user will be informed through the contact information provided.

All purchases are subject to bank authorization, in case your bank does not approve the purchase, we will make sure that you are not charged for it.

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Shipping and delivery methods

Please see our shipping policy module for more details.

The processing time of purchases may vary from those mentioned in our shipping methods, due to the type of product, considering complexity, volume or special events.

The processing of the purchase as well as the shipment begins once the payment is confirmed.

Payment for confirmed orders must be made within 24 hours to avoid cancellation.


Any return and/or refund of purchase applies only in the following cases:

  • Partially received goods
  • Goods received in poor condition
  • The goods received do not meet the characteristics offered on our platform

All this in accordance with our returns process.

In no case is the freight cost of the item shipped returned.

For the aforementioned cases, YEYIAN undertakes in the first instance to send the correct, complete and/or in good condition product at no cost to our customers within 96 hours of the report. In case of not being able to comply with the aforementioned correction, the refund of the amount paid will be made within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Some of the considerations that our users will have to take into account depending on the product line are the following:

  • Electronic Items: You must provide complete accessories and instructions.
  • Consumables: No returns apply.
  • Mobile phone and its accessories: No return applies.


As all orders start processing immediately after payment is received, once payment is confirmed, that order cannot be canceled and must be processed as a refund. To request a cancellation or receive more information you can contact us through our online chat.

Any return will be made within a period not exceeding 48 hours.

In the case of purchases with monthly payment without interest, the refund will be made minus the commission for the partialization of payments.

Warranty and return policies

Any anomaly with the products purchased must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of the product.

In the event that the return proceeds, any product must be delivered in its original packaging, including proof of purchase, as well as accessories and manuals for the article.

It is necessary that the product is completely new and unused.

Returns will not be accepted in the following cases:

The product presents altered or removed guarantee seals.

Product with physical damage

Incompatibility or misconfiguration

The packaging is not original or has alterations or signs of abuse

Late report

Product used

Third party repaired product

Products without guarantee and/or return.

Use of information

All trademarks as well as the content of our portal are protected by the Intellectual Property Law, therefore, both YEYIAN and the brands contained within the platform reserve all rights to the products and content. Access to our site is not and cannot be considered a license with respect to the rights of each owner.