YEYIAN, will guarantee this product in all its components and labor for a period of 24 months, counting from the date of purchase against any manufacturing and operating defect during normal and domestic use of this product.
YEYIAN guarantees the buyer the absence of manufacturing and operating anomalies, including parts and components of the product or in relation to materials.

  • This policy only covers products marketed by YEYIAN, through its authorized distributors within the European Union.
  • For the validation of this, the defective product must be presented together with this guarantee policy completed and sealed by the distributor who made the sale or the invoice, receipt, or proof of purchase in the place where the product was purchased, or at the National Service Center.
  • YEYIAN may use new, restored or used parts in good condition to repair or replace any product, at no additional cost to the consumer, as long as the warranty period stipulated in this policy has not expired .
  • In the event that the product cannot be repaired, the exchange will be generated for a similar product or with superior characteristics.
  • The repair time will not be greater than 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product by YEYIAN or at its Authorized Service Center.
  • YEYIAN will cover the shipping costs required for the presentation of the product within the network of authorized service centers. The extended warranty is available to purchase within 60 days of the original invoice day.


YEYIAN will not validate this guarantee policy in the following cases:

  • When the product has been used under conditions other than normal.
  • When the product has not been operated in accordance with the instruction manual that accompanies it.
  • When the product has been altered or repaired by persons not authorized by YEYIAN.

To make the guarantee valid, as well as the acquisition of components, consumable parts and accessories, you can request information at or go to any YEYIAN Authorized Service Center.


Authorized Service Center for YEYIAN Warranty

CL Manuel Tovar N° 16, 28034 Madrid Tel. +911 76 46 33

YEYIAN Authorized Service Center for Components, Consumables and Accessories

CL Manuel Tovar N° 16, 28034 Madrid Tel. +911 76 46 33

In the event that your product presents a factory problem, make sure you have the purchase receipt on hand, if it is within the first 15 calendar days, go to the place where you purchased it to validate the DOA (Defective on Arrival) guarantee

When more than 15 days have elapsed from the date of purchase and it presented a fault, will cover the shipping costs of the product, as long as the RMA is authorized within the validity period of the guarantee.

Please register your product using our online registration to get your RMA quickly.

STEP 1  – The device DOES NOT work
If your device is not working, please contact the place of purchase or directly with by these means of communication:
1. Chat
2. Telephone: Tel. +911 76 46 33
3. RMA system
To apply the guarantee on monitors that have dead pixels, you must have a minimum of 5 dead pixels.

STEP 2  – A Customer Care representative will assist you and determine your product's eligibility for RMA.
Our Customer Care representative will work with you to verify the status of the device and determine eligibility for an authorized RMA.
NOTE: Your device must be WITHIN THE WARRANTY PERIOD to qualify for a replacement if it is a DOA.

STEP 3 – Register your product
Eligible or not, please register the product with our representative by providing the following information. Similarly, you can register your product using our online registration

STEP 4 – The Customer Care representative will sign an RMA approval request if your product qualifies for replacement. Our representative will promptly submit an RMA approval request after qualifying your device for replacement or repair.
NOTE: You may get an approval immediately if you have contacted us by phone or chat. The standard approval of an RMA is 24-48 business hours.

STEP 5 – Once the RMA is approved.
Once the RMA is approved, you will receive an email with the approval information and the information to ship* your product to our warehouse (which may not be in your location).

STEP 6 – You will be notified by email
You will be notified by email when your new product is shipped through the shipping company.
NOTE: Once your faulty product is received by at our deposit, the Replacement department requires between 7-15 business days to process the shipment of your device.

To check the status of your RMA:
You can request the status of your RMA directly with the Customer Care representative.
Note: Any information that is omitted may cause a delay or return of your product.