Cámara para Streaming FlexCam con Anillo de Luz y Mando a Distancia - SKU: YPW-QHDAF-M1

• Con resolución 2K a 2560x1440P a 30 fps, mejorada con tecnología de alto rango dinámico (HDR), esta cámara garantiza que tus transmisiones y contenido brillen con la máxima calidad y brillo.
• El mando a distancia ofrece respuestas instantáneas para ajustes de video en vivo. Esta característica te permite adaptar perfectamente a cualquier escenario de transmisión, garantizando que tu contenido esté siempre en su mejor momento.
• Cambia instantáneamente entre opciones de iluminación cálida, mixta y blanca para crear el ambiente perfecto para tu contenido. Esta característica garantiza que tus streams y videos estén siempre bien iluminados, brindando la iluminación ideal para cada situación.
• Garantiza vídeo sin pérdidas, espacio de almacenamiento reducido y transmisión de red ultrarrápida.
• Equipado con micrófonos con cancelación de ruido y un amplio ángulo de visión, garantiza el audio más claro y la perspectiva más amplia.

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Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01 Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01

Revolutionize Your Stream

Introducing our latest gaming and content creation essential: the Yeyian Streaming Camera. Take your streaming and video meetings to a whole new level with stunning 2K (2560x1440P) resolution at a silky smooth 30FPS, enhanced by HDR technology. Immerse your audience in a world of crisp, crystal-clear visuals that capture every detail with unmatched precision. Whether you're deep into gaming or creating content, the Yeyian Streaming Camera is your passport to professional-grade imagery, guaranteed to captivate and engage your viewers.

Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01 Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01

Perfect Illumination

Equipped with a Surround LED Light, the Yeyian Streaming Camera offers the perfect lighting solution for every scenario. With a rotation wheel, you have the power to adjust the brightness and colors to match your unique style, setting the stage for flawless streaming. The integrated 2-meter distance sensor, along with the convenience of the remote control, removes boundaries and opens up endless possibilities for all your live streaming endeavors. If you're a gamer aiming to create a dynamic and immersive gaming experience or a content creator looking to capture the perfect shot, this camera's surrounded LED light ensures that your streams shine brilliantly and stand out from the crowd.

Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01 Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01

Your Voice in the Spotlight

With a cutting-edge microphone system, and featuring dual noise-canceling microphones, the Yeyian Streaming Camera is designed to capture your voice with pristine clarity while eliminating background distractions. But it doesn't stop there. The Yeyian Streaming Camera takes it a step further with intelligent 3D noise reduction through active video noise cancellation. This means that not only will your viewers hear you loud and clear, but they'll also be immersed in a world of crystal-clear audio, free from unwanted disturbances. With the Yeyian Streaming Camera, your message and gameplay will shine like never before, connecting you seamlessly with your audience in a way that truly sets you apart.

Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01 Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01

Limitless Creativity with Real-Time Adjustments

The compact remote control with 18 buttons provides instant response to cater to any streaming scenario, offering you unprecedented flexibility and control. From the convenience of the remote, you can effortlessly modify settings such as frequency switch, microphone on/off, size adjustment, image size reset, image position adjustment, restoring factory settings, far focus, AF/MF switch, microfocus, image enable/disable, screen orientation adjustment, and default image brightness settings. With these multiple live video adjustments, you're empowered to fine-tune your stream on the fly, ensuring that every frame is perfectly tailored to your unique style and content needs. Your creative possibilities are boundless, and your audience will be left in awe of your dynamic, professional-grade streams!

Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01 Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01

Adjust Light to Your Style

With just one touch, you can instantly switch between three LED lighting temperatures, providing you with a versatile range of lighting options: Warm, Mixed, and White. Whether you're setting the mood for a cozy gaming session, need balanced lighting for your vlogs, or prefer a crisp and professional look, the Yeyian Streaming Camera has you covered. Additionally, you can easily adjust the brightness of the light to achieve the perfect illumination for your setup.

Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01 Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01

Versatile Design for Creators

Unleash your creative vision with the Yeyian Streaming Camera, offering an expansive 78-degree field of view with minimal vertical distortion. But that's not all; it takes ergonomic design to the next level with a 360-degree free swivel adjustment for both stability and comfort. The 3D adjustable stand design ensures that you have complete control over the camera's positioning, making it easier than ever to capture every detail of your gaming adventures or content creation. With the Yeyian Streaming Camera, you're not just getting a wider perspective; you're getting a versatile tool that adapts to your unique setup and style. From panoramic gameplay shots to flexible content creation, your possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01 Yeyian Gaming PC Case YCM-APPHO-01

Designed for Lightning-fast Transmission

Utilizing the advanced H.264/H.265 encoding format, the Yeyian Streaming Camera ensures video quality remains lossless while simultaneously reducing storage space and enabling quicker network transmission. With compatibility for H.264 and above (H.265), JPEG, and YUY2 formats, you have the flexibility to choose the encoding that suits your needs. This means smoother and more efficient streaming, allowing you to engage with your audience in real time without worrying about lag or interruptions. The future of streaming is here, and it's faster than ever, putting you in the driver's seat of your content creation journey!

Resolución de video2560x1440P a 30 fps + HDR O 1080P a 60 fps
Tipo de enfoqueEnfoque automático
Rango dinámicoModo HDR 105db
MicrófonoMicrófonos doble con cancelación de ruido
Cancelación activa de ruido de videoReducción de ruido 3D inteligente
Cancelación activa de ruido
Formato de DatosH.264 y superior, JPEG, YUY2
Campo de visión 78 grados con distorsión vertical
ConectividadUSB Tipo-A (con dongle USB Tipo-C incluido)
Luz LEDSí, rueda de rotación para ajustar el brillo y los colores.
TrípodeAjuste ergonómico de giro libre de 360 grados para estabilidad y comodidad
SistemaWindows® 10 Windows® 11 Mac OS 10.6 o superior Linux 2.6.24 o superior Ubuntu® Linux 10.04 o superior Android
Funciones adicionales3 colores de luz: luz blanca, luz blanca fría, luz blanca cálida Sensor de distancia de hasta 2 metros
Dimensiones68.1mm x 87.6mm x 63.8mm
Cable USB1.6 m cable blindado con anillo magnético y antiinterferencias USB Type-C Dongle x1
Manual del usuario
GarantíaUS 12 | MX 12 | ESP 24